Adult Transgender Therapy

Do You Feel Like Your Inside And Outside Gender Don’t Match?

When you look in a mirror, does your reflection conflict with the gender you feel on the inside? Are you having difficulty understanding the way you feel and uncertain what to do about it? Are you worried that you will hurt or lose your partner or family if they find out that you think you are transgender? It can be an isolating experience when you don’t feel comfortable with the gender you were born with. You may have difficulty deciding how to present yourself at work, fearing harassment, discrimination or humiliation if you dress for the gender you feel on the inside instead of the body you have. You may feel less certain or satisfied in your personal life and relationships as you struggle with questions about who you are and why you feel the way you do. When you don’t have a support system to talk to about the challenges you are going through, you may begin to believe something is wrong with you. Do you wish you could feel loved and accepted by yourself and others for who you truly are?

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Gender dysphoria is an issue with self-identification—not a mental illness. Transgender people have a gender identity at odds with the sex they were assigned at birth. Perhaps you never felt like you were understood or fit in growing up, and you can’t understand why you feel different from the person you see in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with who you are, but the fear, self-doubt, and isolation you are experiencing may be causing you stress and hopelessness. You may wonder if it’s possible to feel comfortable and happy with your true self and how you present to the world.

Many People With Gender Dysphoria Feel Confused And Isolated

Even though gender dysphoria is an issue individuals have faced for centuries, and despite the ruling for marriage equality in the US, many challenges remain for the transgender community. Most individuals who seek transgender counseling struggle to understand who they are, why they feel the way they do and what steps they can take to feel better. The transgender population remains largely unaccepted by straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities, and feelings of shame and isolation can lead to severe anxiety and depression. Individuals with gender dysphoria often find themselves coping with confusing or painful emotions, often feeling too uncomfortable or ashamed to talk about their challenges or seek advice from their partner, friends or family. Many have difficulty being themselves and finding a community where they feel accepted and supported for who they truly are.

But there is hope! With transgender counseling, you can address your gender dysphoria as well as any unresolved childhood trauma you may have experienced. You can feel supported as you come out to your partner, family or colleagues and take the steps you need to truly live as your authentic self.

Transgender Counseling Can Support You as You Emerge into Your True Self

Once you begin to live authentically and develop self-empathy, it becomes possible to reach your potential and experience greater joy in all aspects of your life. I understand and support the challenging journey you are on, and I can help you develop effective coping and life skills to feel better about yourself and what you are going through. I offer a safe place where you can feel comfortable being your authentic self and sharing what is going on in your life. I provide compassionate support as well as specialized training and experience in relationships, family, and transgender counseling.

You may not be comfortable discussing being transgender with family or friends. It can be very beneficial to talk to someone with training and experience to help you with the journey of finding and presenting as your true self. During our transgender counseling sessions you will be heard, respected and safe from judgment. When you are able to love yourself for who you truly are, you can make an informed decision about how you want to live and begin taking positive steps to emerge into your authentic self. I’ll offer you guidance, support and resources as you pursue your goals – whether you decide to express your preferred gender at home or if you’re interested in pursuing physical changes through hormones or surgical options.

I use a solution-focused approach to transgender counseling, helping you address challenges and achieve your goals with practical resources and proven therapeutic methodologies. Using EMDR therapy, you can identify and process any childhood trauma you may have experienced. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help you recognize and replace harmful thoughts or behaviors with more positive, healthier ones to support your authentic self. Additionally, and as part of our work together, I can connect you with valuable resources – like support groups, blogs and workshops– to help you present as your authentic self as well as referrals for doctors who prescribe hormones or gender confirmation surgery.

As a provider of transgender counseling in Boca Raton, my training and experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board-Certified Sex Therapist as well as extensive training in transgender issues, I can help you understand and deal with a variety of personal and relationship challenges that may co-occur with being transgender.   In addition to my training, I also regularly attend and facilitate transgender support groups, workshops and transgender health conferences in South Florida to be apprised of the latest medical updates and psychoeducation. With transgender counseling, you can learn to love who you are and become comfortable with your authentic self.

Transgender Therapy for Adults - Boca Raton, FL

But you may still have questions or concerns about transgender counseling…

I’m worried if I’m my authentic self, my partner will leave me.

After we build rapport and develop an effective therapeutic relationship, we can invite your spouse, significant other or family members into our therapy sessions to share their feelings and voice any concerns, fears, or preferences as you pursue your goals. This will help them work toward acceptance and learn how to support and love you for who you truly are.

I don’t have the time or money for therapy.

While transgender counseling will take time and money, the benefits it provides are invaluable. In addition to investing in your own happiness, you can feel understood and supported as you learn about available resources and communities that will truly accept you.

I’ve tried transgender counseling before and it didn’t help.

Effective transgender counseling is about building a healthy relationship with your therapist, and you may not have felt the connection you needed to be completely open and honest. You may have worked with someone who didn’t understand your needs or whose strong conservative values were clear in their treatment views. Few psychotherapists pursue training in transgender issues and sex therapy in addition to their chosen field of psychology or are committed as I am to working with the transgender community. Co-occurring issues like depression and anxiety can present after years of experiencing gender dysphoria and you may find yourself abusing alcohol and other substances as a way to cope with day to day living. I can help you find more functional ways to cope, stay clear and focused on your goals.

You Can Be Your Authentic Self

If you need support as you work to understand who you are and how you can be true to yourself, or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to contact me or call (561) 213-6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.