Individual Relationship Therapy

Do You Think You Could Benefit from Individual Relationship Therapy?

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Do you often struggle with being your authentic self in a relationship? Is your marriage at the breaking point but your spouse refuses to go to counseling with you?  Are you lonely and wish you could learn to be closer to people? Are you often irritated, angry, or in a conflict with family members, or friends? Everyone has occasional frustration relating to others but sometimes issues can escalate to the point of affecting daily functioning, parenting duties, and work responsibilities. Perhaps you lose yourself in toxic relationships and as a result ignore your own wellbeing. Maybe you lack self- esteem, intimacy skills, or are fearful of being vulnerable so you avoid seeking relationships altogether. Without support, you may begin to isolate yourself, feel you are undeserving or unlovable, or settle for a partner or spouse that ignores or diminishes you. After years in an unhappy relationship or marriage, you may feel stuck and depressed. Do you wish you could enjoy more intimacy with your current partner or learn skills to cultivate and sustain a healthy, loving relationship?

Many Individuals Struggle With Relationship Issues

couples counseling - relationship therapy - boca raton, fl

Many experience difficulties in their personal relationships or marriages, but cannot identify the cause of frustration or what is getting in the way of true intimacy. Many disgruntled partners spend a lot of time trying to fix the other person, but are unaware they themselves are contributing to the discord.    It’s often easier to blame a partner for one’s unhappiness instead of looking within. Repeating old negative interaction patterns often leads to a couple’s problems or discord. People may not have processed grief and loss around prior relationships making it difficult to move on, fully embrace their partner or spouse, or engage with someone new.

But there is hope! Individual relationship therapy at Weiss Psychotherapy Group can help you understand yourself better, develop tools to get your wants and needs met, and feel happier in your current or future relationships!

Individual Relationship Therapy Can Help You Gain Insight and Find Your Own Happiness From Within

Couples therapy focuses on the present status of an intimate relationship and what it takes for each person to communicate or relate to one another better. In contrast, individual relationship therapy focuses on one’s childhood or past intimate relationships. In childhood, we observe our parent’s as a couple and how they interact and relate to one other as well as to other family members—good, bad or indifferent. Attachment issues, poor parenting and childhood traumas can influence our functioning as adults.  We can bring learned dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns into our new or current intimate relationships and as a result, get into our own way of being truly happy. With individual relationship therapy at Weiss Psychotherapy Group I offer you a safe place, unconditional support, and effective guidance to explore your own negative beliefs and behaviors that contribute to your relationship issues.

relationship therapy - couples counseling - boca raton, fl

Our first step of individual relationship therapy is to determine if there is any unresolved childhood trauma that is causing dysfunctional beliefs about yourself, partner, or spouse and contributing to your discord. I can help you work through it with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. A childhood trauma that may be affecting your self-esteem, sense of safety, and ability to be emotionally intimate with your partner or a future one can be uncovered and reprocessed. EMDR can help you gain more insight into yourself, your relationship, and help you feel happier and more functional in your life. I also incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy techniques to help you change dysfunctional beliefs about yourself and others, help you identify relationship goals, and the intimacy and communication skills it takes to reach them successfully.

By providing individual relationship therapy in my Boca Raton practice an around south Florida since 2011, I have helped a multitude of clients work through their own issues contributing to their relationship discord and frustrations, learn more functional ways to relate to loved ones, and live happier more fulfilling lives. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I understand the challenges relationships can present and how gaining insight into yourself through individual relationship therapy can lead to higher levels of intimacy in your current relationship as well as cultivate and sustain ones in the future.

But you may still have questions or concerns about individual relationship therapy….

My spouse refuses to go to counseling with me—how can individual relationship therapy really help my marriage?

When a marriage or relationship has reached a critical point and only one partner is willing to move forward and gain relationship-building skills in therapy, it would seem like a huge deterrent from receiving needed support. The good news, is that individual relationship therapy can be very effective if only one partner participates. By upgrading your own relationship skills you can greatly improve how you interact with your spouse or partner—wouldn’t that be a positive change? Your partner will notice difference is communication and intimacy with your new insights and attitude, and may be more agreeable to joining you in therapy sessions!

I don’t have the time or money….

While individual relationship therapy is an investment in your time and money, the benefits are immeasurable. Wouldn’t gaining insight into your own behaviors and gaining improved relationship be worthwhile?

I tried working on a previous relationship in counseling before and it didn’t help….

I understand that successful individual relationship therapy is based on building trust and positive rapport with your therapist. Perhaps there wasn’t a connection with your previous therapist, or traditional couples counseling didn’t resonate with you. I offer my clients my extensive training as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, EMDR and sex therapy, as well as the experience working with individuals seeking insight into themselves in order to be happier and have more emotional intimacy in their relationships.

The First Step in Improving Your Marriage or Relationship is to Gain Insight into Yourself

If you would like to gain insight into yourself and develop better communication and relationship skills, or have additional questions, I encourage you to call 561.213.6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation at Weiss Psychotherapy Group.