Sex Therapy

Are You Having Trouble Enjoying Sex?

Do you have low or zero sexual desire? Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation? Do you feel intimidated by your lack of sexual knowledge? Are you desirous of improving your sex life with your partner? Are you experiencing painful sex?  When your partner touches you in a certain way, does it cause distress or bring back memories of a previous sexual trauma? Possibly a past partner voiced negative opinions about your body and you’re fearful of being rejected again or exposing your vulnerabilities. Perhaps you feel you have a history of poor sexual performance, lack the ability to please a partner, and developed emotional distress as a result. Maybe you have poor intimacy skills or have a history of avoiding romantic relationships altogether. You may be simply too tired for sex due to a hectic work schedule, raising your children, or other distractions.

Sexual fears, inexperience, past traumas, and demanding work schedules can destroy sexual pleasure. When you don’t have a support system to talk about your concerns, you may feel isolated, helpless, and struggle with how to feel better about yourself. Do you wish you could enjoy sex without discomfort or anxiety, feel more sexually confident, and achieve greater intimacy with your partner?

Sexual problems may stem from organic or physical issues. Men can have issues with their sex drive, arousal, and achieving orgasm, erectile dysfunction, genital pain and premature ejaculation. Women may also have issues with sexual desire, arousal and achieving orgasm as well as experience painful intercourse. Emotional issues affecting sexual pleasure for both may include low self-esteem, poor body image, inexperience, history of avoiding intimacy, and prior sexual abuse. Confusion regarding your sexual orientation or gender identification may also contribute to sexual dysfunction. You may wonder if you can ever have a satisfying sex life with your current or a potential partner.

Sex Therapy - Boca Raton, FL

Countless People Struggle with Sexual Problems

Many people experience sexual issues in their lives, but are unable to identify the cause of their discomfort, anxiety, or frustration. They may not be aware that a childhood trauma affects their ability to fully enjoy sex, cringe when they are touched by a partner in a loving or arousing way, or simply avoid seeking sexual intimacy altogether. Some people’s religious beliefs or family upbringing may view sex as only between married partners and for the purpose of having children. Perhaps they have been taught that masturbation, premarital sex, and being gay or bisexual is sinful leaving them clueless on how to express themselves sexually, please a partner, or simply enjoy sexual intimacy without guilt or shame. Some people are unaware that their medications may be the cause of their lack of sexual desire or dysfunction. Women going through menopause can lose their sexual desire and experience severe discomfort during intercourse as a result of lower hormone levels. Additionally, older men can have diminished testosterone levels, may have difficulty getting and sustaining erections as they did in their younger days. The natural aging process in both men and women can affect flexibility and stamina and many are unaware there are other techniques and sexual positions they can explore to continue enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship with their partners. Many people try to deal with their sexual problems on their own with little success and may not consider or know about sex therapy.

But there is hope! Sex therapy at Weiss Psychotherapy Group can help you understand you sexual problems, identify and resolve past childhood trauma, and feel more confident as a lover. With sex therapy, you can enjoy a healthier, satisfying sex life and greater intimacy with your partner.

Sex Therapy Can Be Empowering

Most people with sexual problems suffer silently, hoping they will just magically go away. They have difficulty or completely avoid talking to their partners about their needs, desires, or concerns. Some have been humiliated by past lovers, are sexually inexperienced, or want to explore something different outside their comfort zone. I offer a secure environment, compassionate support, resources and effective guidance to empower you. Once you address any childhood trauma that may be unresolved and determine if your sexual problems are organic or psychologically based, you can identify your goals for sex therapy. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board-Certified Sex Therapist and have extensive training in childhood trauma therapy. As a provider of sex therapy in Boca Raton, I will give you permission to be your true self, to explore your desires, and express yourself to your highest sexual potential. I will provide helpful and clinically proven information, resources, exercises and activities to achieve your goals. I offer you a safe space where you can feel at ease discussing your sexual concerns without judgement or blame.

My approach to sex therapy is solution-focused, helping you address your presenting issues and provide you with useful resources and clinically proven methods. Using EMDR—a therapeutic approach clinically tested and proven effective for childhood trauma and PTSD—we can identify, reprocess and resolve painful memories that may be consciously (or unconsciously) causing your sexual problems. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, I will teach you how to change negative core beliefs about yourself, others, and your environment, and adopt healthier more functional ones. I will also give you home assignments to engage in alone or with your partner to help you understand how your body works, heighten sexual arousal and response, and encourage and achieve more intimacy. With sex therapy, a satisfying sex life is in your grasp.

But you still may have questions or concerns about sex therapy…

My partner thinks it’s only my problem and won’t come to sex therapy…

After we build rapport and create a good therapeutic relationship, we can invite your partner or spouse into our therapy sessions to share their feelings, voice any concerns, or preferences as you pursue your goals.
Sex therapy can empower you to reach your fullest sexual potential and bringing that into your relationship can restore lost intimacy, better communication and improve your sex life—most partners would want to participate in the process and enjoy those benefits!

I don’t have the time or money…

While sex therapy does take time and money, the benefits are invaluable. You will gain abundant insight, support, and resources to help you overcome your sexual problems.

I’ve tried sex therapy before and it didn’t help…

I understand that successful sex therapy takes commitment and is based on building trust and rapport with your therapist. Perhaps there wasn’t a connection with your previous therapist, or they didn’t have specific training in sex therapy. Few psychotherapists are board-certified sex therapists in addition to their chosen field of psychology and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have worked with many individuals and couples experiencing sexual and intimacy problems. I offer you compassionate support, and clinically proven methods to help you reach your goals.

You Can Have A Healthy And Satisfying Sex Life

If you need assistance in working your sexual problems or have further questions, I encourage you to contact me or call (561) 213-6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.