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My Approach

Therapy Methods

I utilize several clinically proven and established therapy modalities in my practice. I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a well- studied, time-honored, and clinically accepted therapeutic intervention that can help you reprocess earlier traumas that may be contributing to current dysfunctional behavior leaving you stuck, or choosing unhealthy, toxic relationships. It incorporates bilateral stimulation--alternating tones and vibrations in your hands—to reprocess and desensitize these memories that may affect your self-esteem, cognitive beliefs, and how you conduct yourself in relationships and in your daily life. With EMDR, I can help you gain important insights and positive self-concepts to help you reach goals and cultivate and sustain healthier, more loving relationships. I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Therapy to help you change beliefs about yourself and others affecting your emotional growth and simply not serving you. I also use Solution-Focused Therapy to help you focus on solutions rather than problems and help you identify and utilize your core strengths to reach and sustain your desired goals.

Our First Session

You are welcome to download any forms providing information about my psychotherapy practice as well as a New Client form to fill out prior to our first session as it may be easier for you and time-saving to complete ahead of time. In our first session, we will discuss what concerns brought you to therapy, go over forms and sign consents, review your background growing up, dynamics of past and current relationships and any past or current medical issues that may be contributing to your problems. As you develop trust and become comfortable with our therapeutic relationship, we may invite your spouse, partner or family into our therapy sessions to address any of their concerns, to help them understand, accept and support you on your healing journey.

I believe everyone can use some guidance navigating through stressful life events and a nonjudgmental empathetic ear to really hear your concerns. Allow me to listen, help, and guide you to a happier, more productive authentic life.